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OSB house

While the economic downturn looms through Europe, designers are forced to think not only about beauty and creativity, but also how to effectively dispose of the budget of the customer and distribute it in such a way as to shift the balance of costs in favor of the right things. The interior design of this dwelling house is made under a strict budget. Designer had to make not only functional and modern interior, but also give it an ideological sense. Walls and furniture facades of the house are made of EcoOSB, which made possible to shift the balance of expenditure from the walls in favor of the right things. In fact, after the construction of the house, it does not need any wallpaper, interior paints or panels as OSB boards which covers house frame and heat insulation material are part of the interior. One of the most important thing in the interior is light, which is presented as floor lamps, lamp modules from Vibia*, as well as lamps designed by the project’s author. *created with CREA Vibia