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leaf office

What kind of associations appear in your mind when you hear word “office”, “work”? Perhaps the first things that comes to mind – an obligation, responsibility, necessity, boredom. But all of these characteristics can hardly be attributed to the new intellectual
interior Leaf office, which designed by ukrainian designer Andrey Dmitriev.
“Creating interiors, I strive to make each of them was unique while they would be merged with something common and compliment each other. Experimenting with colors and materials, I tried all colors and shades that fit the specified format. Starting from the colors which reflect autumn’s mood and spring’s bright colors, we still stopped somewhere in between. Main material of leaf office were taken KRION by Porcelanosa, which, in spite of similar properties with DupontCorrian, nevertheless seemed to us more suitable for a number of parameters “, – says Andrey.
This interior combine both harmony with nature and and friendly to urbanism. A nice green color, decorative niches, stylized as bee cell, stand in the shape of the tree – all designed to translate nature into language understood by the modern concrete city.
Special attention was given to furniture, part of which was specifically designed for the interior. Tables with beveled edge creates the illusion of the blade, so that the table top seems to be much thinner than it actually is.
In developing these tables Andrey Dmitriev used actual in modern design principle of minimizing – the thickness of the object as small as it is at the same time can still be hard.
An inherent part of tables are “geese stand lamps” with the three LED lamps PowerLED. Each table has hole out of which peeps the top of the floor lamp, while his lower part is fixed on a concrete base, which gives the lamp resistance.
For these subjects illumination in each table provides the hole out of which peeps the top of the floor lamp, while his lower part is fixed on a concrete base, which makes lamp stable.